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About Us

Trekker Vans is a family-run campervan rental company born out of San Francisco, CA. We provide you with what you need for an easy and fun trip so you can explore and focus on building memories of a lifetime. Discover easy travel.

About Trekker Vans

Trekker Vans is a California-based campervan rental company with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Our company combines local knowledge of where to explore, firsthand experience of what travelers need, and our history of high-country navigation and outdoor survival skills to provide our customers with a comfortable camping experience with a twist of true adventure.

The Backstory

The dream of starting our own outdoor recreation company frequently came up when traveling. It wasn’t until a beautiful drive in Big Sur, California with friends that we realized this would be our new mission! We knew it was time to share our experiences by providing people with an easier way to get off the beaten path, enjoy the outdoors, and have as much fun as we were in the Bay Area and beyond.

Why Choose Us

We promise to equip you with amazing transportation, a hassle-free process, and a cozy Trekker Van that you can call home during your trip. We’ll assist you with customizing your van, provide you with travel tips, and answer any questions you may have. We want you to travel where you want, stop where you please, and create as many awesome memories as possible along the way.

The Visionaries

Having grown up in Idaho, Nate spent his early years in a family of outdoorsmen and women, in and around the fire-fighting community, FEMA coordinators, and backcountry survival training schools. This led to summers of wrangling, packing, and guiding for Mackay Bar Outfitters in the Frank Church Wilderness Area in Idaho, and then years of trekking, biking, boarding, diving, boating, and exploring as much as possible.

Nate’s love for vehicles began at an early age as well. Always tinkering and figuring out how things work, he eventually graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He lived and worked in Nepal, learning the language and immersing himself in the culture, and then landed a job in Germany where he spent his spare time on the Nürburgring Nordschleife racing cars. Nate settled in San Francisco after moving back to the U.S. where he met his wife, Alisha. His adventurous spirit immediately rubbed off on her. She fell in love with their adventures where the rugged outdoors met comfortable travel.

Nate's experience engineering user-friendly equipment and his outdoorsy background coupled with Alisha’s need for traveling in comfort create the perfect balance for understanding what “fun” requires. A lifetime in the making, Nate and Alisha work to give you the opportunity to build your own memories by exploring all that North America has to offer!

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