It’s that time of year when every email, ad, or commercial is about the new “must have” gifts for your special someone. The latest gadget, the trendiest hoodie, or the best mittens ever! The marketing can be very seductive, but the most appreciated gifts are the ones that add enjoyment to your loved ones’ favorite activities.  Looking for inspiration for that camper or outdoorsman in your life? You’ll want to check out our list of the real, basic and essential things they are certain to use—and be thankful for—on their next camping trip, BBQ, or just that spontaneous picnic and stroll.

The gift of light

We’re talking about flashlights that you wear on your head. For some reason it took the outdoor community a while to catch on to the awesomeness of hands-free flashlights. Miners had it figured out centuries ago, and boy were they right. Wearing a headlamp leaves both your hands free to hike to your favorite stargazing spot, cook your evening meal, set-up your tent, or hunt for Bigfoot.  They are also just as useful around the house if you need some light while you use both hands to fiddle around under the sink, explore the boxes stacked up in that hard-to-reach corner of the attic, or grip your baseball bat while investigating the strange thumps and bumps in the night. They come in a range of prices and functionality to fit every budget, here is one favorite: TIKKA Compact Headlamp

The gift of warmth

Just as every romance starts with a spark, every cozy campfire or candle-lit dinner needs spark to get going!  Lighters are possibly the most essential of all camping gear, and the most frequently forgotten. Stay warm, stay fed, and stay romantic with the help of the simple lighter. Roasting s’mores over a campfire is a quintessential camping activity, so make sure you’ve got a few lighters on hand to get that fire going.  We keep lighters in all of our vehicles, but give your special someone a lighter they can carry with them! Stock up, they’re inexpensive, and your friends and family will appreciate having one on hand next time they want to snuggle in front of a cozy campfire.

The gift of independence

So, you can see what you are doing (headlamp), you have the fire going (lighters), and now you’re hungry! Cooking gets tricky without a way to open packaging and dice up your favorite ingredients. Enter the trusty multi-tool with a serrated knife. No explanation necessary here, just remember how hard it is to slice tomatoes with a spoon!

And the beauty of a multi-tool is that it can handle so much more than tomatoes! Your loved one will be able to snip through tangled fishing line with the built-in scissors, tighten the loose screws on camping chairs, file down that weird piece of metal poking out of their tent rod, and open a bottle of beer to reward themselves for all their hard work—all with one handy tool. We call this the gift of independence because the right multi-tool frees your loved one from trying to squeeze their entire toolbox into their camper van. There are infinite options in this department, we like our trusty old Leatherman: Leatherman Wave Multi-tool

The gift of power

Technology is nice, and we do love our gadgets—we’re human! A phone charge only lasts so long, and it’s hard to capture campfire memories if your phone is charging in the camper van.  A simple battery pack lets your loved one charge their devices where they want, when they want. Whether they’re heading on a ten-day camping trip, or just flying to Chicago, having a battery pack will keep their phone and other devices fully charged and fully usable. Your loved ones will never return that awesome little brick of power you give them, guaranteed! Not too big, not too small, just right: PowerCore External Battery

The gift of music

Portable speakers are everywhere these days, and for good reason. Tunes change EVERYTHING! Now they are lighter, more powerful, more portable, and sound better than ever. Whether your loved one wants to hit that romantic note with some background crooning, or start an outdoor dance party, portable speakers lets them share their favorite tunes with their camping partners.   Portable speakers come in a range of sizes and prices, this is our go-to: Jabra Solemate Portable Wireless Speaker

Does the camper in your life already have everything on your list? Consider a gift-certificate to rent a campervan so he or she can get out, get away, and go enjoy this beautiful planet we call home. Contact us today for a free consultation and to get pricing on one of our beautiful camper vans, 1-877-350-VANS (8267) or We’ll discuss their interests and help you build a trip they’ll never forget.

Oh, and if all else fails, try the gift of toilet paper! 🙂